Thursday, October 15, 2009

Student Centered Learning

Alright, I have been looking for videos to use with a small group of teachers that are working together on a school improvement committee that is focusing on student learning. I'm struggling to find an engaging video. Among the videos I have found that include the essence of the focus:

With this video it is just within th efirst half that Student Centered Learning occurs.

And that is it for now. How do we find video on student centered focus without the emphsis on technology? I am begining to think you can't seperate the two in many ways. Technology engages the students to explore problems and solve them using people and information that is very distant. I am still prefering videos like the following, but my quest is "Do they motivate teachers?" (They motivate me.)

I think we all need to step back and think about what impact we can have on our students as learners. After all we are preparing them for jobs that may not even exist at this time. Karl Fisch is helping us see the bigger picture that we need to keep in mind as we address the needs of our students. I would encourage you to add his blog to your RSS feed if you haven't already.