Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What does it take?

I've found that sometimes the passion I have about issues seems so obvious and right to me that I become frustrated when others cannot see how simple and logical my thinking is. For example, today I sat in a meeting with my peers, all of whom I respect as educators, and felt that they were totally missing the potential for our team to make an impact on the course that education in our school takes. To sit and excuse any change as out of our control seemed like a defeatist perspective. Now, I know I may be an idealist, but I truly believe that each and every teacher in a system is a potential change agent and, when placed on a team, a powerful agent. If you or your team want something to change, and you know in your heart and mind that it is best for our learners, then present your case and see things improve. Silence is not an option if things are ever going to improve in education or any "business" for that matter.