Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometime you have to see who is throwing them in!

My husband continues to remind me of this analogy that a professor shared with him during his MSW studies at UNE: (It goes something like this...)

Imagine this river with people floating down struggling to survive the current. There are people on the shoreline watching. Some walk away. Some watch. Some try to help.

One-by-one the struggling floaters are pulled to safety. More, however, keep coming. Soon there are too many to save. Some continue down river to rougher currents.

One of those helping with the rescue of the strugglers stops and walks away.

"Where are you going?" one of the rescuers ask. "I need your help. You can't go now."

The person leaving responds, "I'm going up river to see who is throwing them in and stop it."

I'm sure others have heard this antic, but I keep thinking about it as I am presented with tougher and tougher groups of students. I ask, "What is going on in these kids' experiences that are causing all of their struggles? Can things change? What can I do to help?"

I'm not just a teacher. I'm much, much more. Do all teachers feel the same way?

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