Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Plymouth Writing Project: A Podcast Review

Podcasting! Another first for me. It took some time to complete this podcast. The recording and planning was easy; however, the editing and posting was more of a challenge for me.

I used Audacity to record. I wanted music for the intro and conclusion; this I found at Podsafe Audio. I used the fading options and it all worked out well.

Then I exported it to an MP3 file. I had to down load Lame Mp3 Encoder. The export was complete after I named and completed the necessary information for the file.

Finally, I posted the podcast on Podomatic. From Podomatic I was able to post the podcast to my Blogger page and my Facebook page.

I hope that this helps my classmates in Teaching and Learning in a Networked Classroom.

I look forward to your feedback; and perhaps, just perhaps, I will see you this summer in one of the Plymouth Writing Project Summer Institutes.


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