Sunday, February 1, 2009

Becoming a Fish

"In Relation to Knowing," a chapter in Knowing Knowledge by George Siemens, has left me trying to grasp the thought that knowledge is a stream. It truly makes sense when I reflect upon it as it is always growing and changing; however, there is no comfort in the thought that certainty of knowing is a mere arbitrary construction an individual imposes to gain security. (Does that make sense?)
For those that find an end to their learning (which we all must know as never existing) whether it be acquiring that degree or comfort level in their profession, they have fallen short of their potential. When one stops seeking knowledge or even questioning their current knowledge and understanding, they have failed themselves.

Siemens states: "We are too impatient with knowledge. We categorize it by imposing our models of organization." I know that I am impatient and must categorize; however, as I continue to browse my RSS each day, I am seeing that I have to release that categorization and grasp each new piece of information in a rather vitalizing way.

No longer satisfied being the fisherman of learning, I have stepped into the stream some where north of Pittsburg, NH. I have a ways to go before I am fully immersed in the breadth of knowledge available to me. Someday perhaps I'll find myself living as a fish in this fluid domain.

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