Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moments like this...

I looked up and white cream lay thick upon her top lip. She noticed nothing at all as she continued to eat her cool whip drenched strawberry pie. That is until everyone took notice. I failed to be quick enough to click a picture with my cell before she licked it away with the biggest smile. Madeline had been our designated whip cream pie topper as we passed plates of strawberry and apple pie around the table.

It's these moments that evaporate worry and concern. My family is fine; we are safe. The videos, images, and maps that I spent hours solemnly viewing online this morning became more and more distant and surreal. I had been saddened by how quickly a typical day in a community could be decimated by a wall of water and devastating quake. Fewer families in the world will be able to experience the warmth that a child's smile can bring. The healing of a nation takes time.

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