Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fisching for Motivation

In this day and age, as desperate and exciting as it may be, many people are missing the big picture. I would argue that any one of us can give our students the education they need despite the lack of awareness that seems to be flourishing around us.

The Fischbowl had a fascinating and motivating blog this week entitled "What's Impossible in the Classroom." Karl Fisch reminds us that we are the only ones limiting our classrooms' possibilities. In this January 29, 2009, post he says:

So, if all these 'impossible' things are happening in our world today, not to mention the impossible things that can happen if we perfect quantum computing and teleportation, what's impossible in your classroom?

Maybe, just maybe, you can find a way to do the impossible. Shouldn't you start trying?

I know that there certainly is more that I should be doing! I'm ready! Are my seventh graders?

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