Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Blog View…

I admit it, not for the first time, I googled blog when I learned I’d be creating one. My husband joked the definition had to relate some how to his own, “blablablablablog” (he wasn’t far from the truth in some cases). I read the history and the development of the blog and decided to settle on the original terminology of web log (perhaps to avoid the insinuation of my husband’s thoughts though I seem at times to “bla” more than blog). I have felt comfortable with this framing of the term for the past several weeks. And then came Will Richardson’s Edutopia article "World Without Walls: Learning Well with Other".

I appreciate his identification of this shift in learning: “For educators and the schools in which they teach, the challenges of this moment are significant. Our ability to learn whatever we want, whenever we want, from whomever we want is rendering the linear, age-grouped, teacher-guided curriculum less and less relevant.” Richardson identifies the richness of blogging. Blogs allow us to learn whatever and whenever from whomever. The web log of my mind has evolved into a clear understanding of a blog.

A blog is much more powerful than a web log. Blogging for the past month has empowered me with the notion that perhaps even my thoughts may care weight, may insight change, and may simply influence others. I may even be a “connector.”

(Of course that’s if I can get over my bla’s.)

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