Friday, January 16, 2009

Breathing Life into Us

My first reaction was, "Why is Jeff blogging on this topic?" Jeff Utecht’s blog “7 Things You Might Not Know about Me” struck me as being an entry I couldn't benefit from through the course work we are doing in Plymouth State College's Teaching and Learning in the Networked Classroom.

As the water ran this morning in the only quiet "me" place, the shower, I realized that blog entries like these give life to the person behind the words we read. We need these entries to remind us that it's not the screen talking to us; it's not a faceless, lifeless person; it's someone much like us; a person with similar or different interests that we can relate to. These entries remind us that it's not a computer we are interacting with; it's a person, a living and breathing connector.

With that said, all day I have thought about what seven things I might share about myself. Should I be selective in what I share, or should I simply be honest? Knowing my reader really has no clue about who I am, there is such a wide array of things I could share that are not really that personal. I've decided to share a little of both...

1. I grew from a very quiet, shy child into a confident, outspoken individual. Yet, still experience moments of social anxiety.
2. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart (cliche, huh!).
3. We have two beautiful children aged three and five, both in preschool together this year.
4. I love water activities: kayaking, snorkeling, and wake boarding.
5. I love to hunt turkey, deer, and even rabbits (before my beloved beagle Muzzy died last spring). But don't judge me as I wont judge you.
6. It can take me years to finish a book if I enjoy the characters or plot--I never want it to end.
7. I love to write more than read.

I hope my name comes to life for you.


  1. Thanks for the seven things. You are correct that we need these spaces to be personal. Very well written.

    Kim Cofino who I work with really hit it for me during a talk with parents. She said that we need to be personal in these spaces, because once we leave this world the content we produce will be our life's record. Personally I want people to remember me the person 2000 years from now. My thoughts on everything...not just education and technology are who I am. I share a part of myself on my blog so as you state people see me and not just a computer screen. :)

  2. While reading your response, it makes me think about how family trees will be compiled in the future. Now we are looking for literal paper trails and stories of family members to compose these family studies. We will be able to speak directly to our decendents. It is very eerie, yet reassuring.

  3. Jen,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights and those things of yourself. Imagine if blogging was around hundreds of years ago? Reading Abe Lincoln or Ann Boylen's blogs? I was thinking as I read you post, how powerful the Diary of Anne Frank is - not a blog - but really the old fashioned kind, with thoughts, feelings, history, etc. She couldn't link or post photos, but what a treasure to have that diary and to have it shared by the world. I learned of the Holocaust so much more vividly by reading it through her eyes, from her perspective.

    You seem blessed to have a wonderful family and enjoy what you do at home and at work. Thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear of your beags Muzzy passing away :(....I don't have a dog but beagles are my favorite!