Sunday, January 18, 2009

Social Bookmarking

I'm doing it. I'm not sure how well, but I've been picking out the key terms in my blogs and adding them as tags, and many of the words I tag have hyperlinks attached to them. I can do it.

Yet, I haven't spent the time to fully understand the resources Delicious and Diigo. I that my tags or labels are automatically added to their database. How accurate is that assumption? Does that mean when there is a Google search my blog will come up if it is tagged with the term, or do you have to be in Delicious or Diigo? How are these tags used?

I began to add the delicious tag "podsafe" to my RSS, but hesitated when warned of all the updates that are made. I can just imagine finding a hundred unread feeds in my RSS. It's frightening. Do I want that now?

Still thinking about these tools and their use!

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  1. I pulled in my bookmarks from my local computer in to delicious and it worked beautifully - I am psyched! Now I'm trying to organize by using tags, once it's all up to speed - my life will be easier. I am not sure if tags are automatically added - I think they are because I can see that mine were. It can be frightening until we know how all the technology really works! I am with you on that one!!!